Microblading Training

You can get certified microblading training professionally, and you can work as a professional in many such business lines and have a profession.

People who have reached the competence to perform microblading techniques in accordance with their technique, and who have the knowledge and skills to do it on their own in a rapid manner by observing hygiene and health rules can receive Microblading training.

Those who successfully complete the Microblading course are called “Microblading Practitioners“.

Purpose of the Program: To train these qualified people in a well-equipped manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Theory and Practice Total: 40 hours, graduation and learning guaranteed.
Eyebrow Anatomy / Pigmentology / Modeling / Template Work / Pencil Work / Golden Ratio Measurement / Live Model Study
Beauty salons and centers, In Aesthetic Units In clinics Freelance Studies and Beauty salons etc. in public institutions and organizations. they can work in places.
In the process of the certificate curriculum, all of the education completed by individuals and the competencies they have earned are documented. At the end of the education program, the documents received by the individuals who have gained the qualifications of the profession are evaluated in the certificate in accordance with the legislation. Individuals who have the level and competencies of the profession are entitled to receive certification and can work in the relevant workplaces.
The competencies gained by the individual leaving the curriculum are documented and evaluated in other certificate programs when requested. If individuals want to change professions in the future, their qualifications are evaluated. An individual who is about to complete your vocational education; can switch between other professions in the field by completing compulsory courses.

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