Every person wants to have tight and healthy skin. However, this often depends on getting rid of bad habits from our lifestyle and a proper diet. Most importantly to our genetics. No matter what we do, you can’t stop time. That skin will sag eventually. But some masks stretch the skin and end the sagging action. It prolongs this process for a while, at least. I will give you two mask recipes that you will make yourself at home. But first, let’s look at the causes of sagging skin.

Causes of Skin Sagging

·         The main reason here is aging caused by the fact that we cannot resist time. As the skin ages, it loses its former elasticity and sags. But as with any disease, when symptoms begin in sagging skin, you can overcome this situation if you feed it. Knowing what you need at what age reduces the effects of all other factors.

·         If you do not get enough protein in your diet, this will cause sagging. It would help if you got both protein and additional minerals full.

·         You should never miss fortified Elastin and collagen substances that make the skin look tight.

·         Having a sedentary lifestyle causes the skin to lose its strength. In weak skin, it cannot get oxygen and nourishment properly, and in this case, it becomes ineffective.

·         The direct effect of sunlight on the body is the biggest enemy of the skin. It increases the aging of the skin. It removes the natural moisture and makes the skin dry. It also steals the small amount of Collagen that the body produces. For this reason, it should be protected while going out to the sun and should not stay for too long.

·         Keeping our mental health at the highest level at all times may be one of the factors that will protect our skin. Excessive nervousness and stress cause the blood vessels to constrict as well as strain the muscles. For this reason, you cannot feed cells sufficiently.

Homemade Masks to Help Tightening Skin

1-Carrot Orange Skin Mask

As we look at the name, this mask is orange in color and has a nice consistency. It also has straightforward steps to prepare and has a good effect. There are lots of antioxidants in carrots and oranges. It fights sagging very well as it provides the necessary moisture with the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

If you apply this cure three times a week in the morning, this cure will tighten your skin like your youth. Let’s look at the ingredients and the making of the mask.

Ingredients: One carrot, hand-squeezed orange juice, two teaspoons of honey.

Preparation;  First, cut the carrot, which has been thoroughly washed, into very small pieces. Then squeeze the orange and mix them in the mixer. Please make sure that there are no fragments left; it becomes liquid. Finally, add the honey and mix it. Then put this mixture in a bowl and rub it with cotton and rub it on the face points that you think are sagging; these areas are usually the neck and cheeks.

2- Tomato and Lemon Mask

It is one of the most made and known face masks. We should not confuse the facial skin with the skin of our other parts.

Because the skin here is very sensitive, it is very vulnerable to external factors due to its thinness. To preserve and restore it, you must feed it well and return to a life of exercise, movement, and no bad habits. The skin can sometimes not produce what it needs in the body, so it is very important to feed it. Thanks to the tomato and lemon mask, it will return the skin to its old vivid state.

Ingredients: 1.5 tomatoes, a tablespoon of lemon juice but squeezed from the lemon, two tablespoons of sugar.

Preparation: We need to choose the ripe tomatoes. And most importantly, we must peel them off; no need to chop tomatoes. With the help of a mixer, let’s mix them with the lemon juice in the bowl. Then, let’s add sugar and keep it in the fridge for a while to cool and become a paste. Then, like in our other recipe, let’s rub it on the hanging parts of our faces with the help of cotton. If it is difficult to apply the paste with cotton, materials such as a slightly thicker and lint-free cloth or gloves can be used. Fifteen minutes will be enough to wait. You immediately feel the freshness of tomatoes.

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